House landscape design

House landscape design

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House landscape design

Houses landscape design principles provide a framework for creating a more livable environment and have been called ‘magic tools’. As a result they contribute to greater happiness in everyday life as well as the creation of a healthier, better environment. The concept of house design landscape design expands beyond houses and garden design to encompass a broader view of land usage and resource conservation.

Gardens landscape design

Gardens landscape design allows for a design framework that makes visible many aspects of house landscape design. A gardens landscape design draws attention to the human body and the human connection with the landscape. A “garden landscape design “allows for a deep interrelation of the built and natural world in a meaningful whole. This approach to the design of nature has been termed the “Garden as Garden” approach, Garden Landscape Design through Humility and “My Home”. According to proponents of this approach, any use of a garden for its own sake is not being creative or authentic in nature. Rather, garden landscapes are a combination of a culture, climate, people and ecology that transforms the garden into a global creative and spiritual experience.

House landscape design

Landscape is the built environment surrounding the house as well as the forest, fields and lawns in which the house is situated. The landscape can be divided into public and private. A landscape design with a house in it allows for the inherent value of the house and gives the house an added value, a conversation.

Landscape design uses landscape architecture and its conceptual framework. Landscape architecture establishes itself as a discipline on its own, becoming distinct from landscape design.

Significance of landscape design

The built environment provides people with shelter, safety, a place of refuge.

Landscape design is directly responsible for inspiring the future of our communities and a generation that grows up with direct experience of nature in architecture. In regard to modern homes and urban life, the natural element of architecture is of utmost importance.

The most important resource for human beings is the natural resources.

Landscape design connects people to the built environment.

All the principles of sustainability are embedded in landscape design, namely:

"The biophilia hypothesis, which suggests that human beings have an affinity for and natural affinity for living in nature.

"The “Triple Bottom Line” of sustainability. This states that the sustainability of an organization is most important if it benefits people, planet and profits.

Purpose and social benefits of landscape design

Landscape design promotes the spiritual dimension of nature. As Thomas Berry stated, “For me, the greatest problem we face in this time of environmental crisis is the loss of what one might call the deep story of the earth. We are losing the atmosphere in which we live. We are losing the world. We are losing our human habitat and at the same time, our deep harmony with nature. The loss of a coherent story, both in a person's life and in an environment is at the root of our current predicament.”

House landscape design concept: Arcadian Homes

Arcadian Homes is the synthesis of home, garden and landscape. The goal of an Arcadian home is the creation of a "mystery of the unknown". The Arcadian Home is to be a place where guests feel as though they have entered a fairy tale of the forest. The Arcadian Home is the starting point for the design of the home itself, the garden and the landscape.

Landscape design concept: Transforming communities

This concept leads to an understanding of the built environment as a humanistic project. Therefore the built environment is seen as part of an important material framework of human life.

To protect the natural environment, the role of the landscape architect as an environmental consultant will have to increase.

According to the Transforming Communities landscape design concept, each project could be a part of the living community in which it is situated. In our cities, there is still a growing number of projects that are not locally sustainable. This is one of the reasons why today, house landscape design is an approach with the capacity to help build sustainable communities.

Open Landscape Design

A contemporary alternative to house landscape design is the open space. Open space is a house without a house. Open space is the landscape element that is outside the house.

An open landscape design seeks to integrate the outdoors with the indoor life of the house. It is nature adapted to human needs. The integration between the interior and the exterior is a unique and dynamic living environment. It creates an urban icon.

Open landscape design is a form of ecological design that uses three elements:

It maintains and manages a home's outdoor space in a way that is beneficial to the health and comfort of the occupants and the aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood.

It connects and integrates the interior and exterior of a house into a single livable and livable environment



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